Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Town Shoot-Out: Kids

Did you mean this kind of kid?

Probably not. But it's my only chance to use this photo, taken a few weeks ago in Japan.

We were there for two weeks in June-July, and I couldn't help snapping a few pics of kids.

We saw lots of school kids.

I loved the packs, lined up neatly in an after-school care center.

I don't know if I'll ever capture a sweeter moment.

Or a sadder one. These are small statues at a Shinto shrine, honoring babies who died.

Back home, I have begun fostering a cat who just had a litter of four babies last week.

Tough job, but somebody's gotta socialize the little ones.

Here is a real "My Town" kind of shot: a little guy playing in the fountain at the river front park here in Corvallis. Doesn't it make you want to kick your shoes off and get in there too? We have had very few hot days this summer in Oregon, unlike the rest of the country; y'all should come on over and cool off.


  1. Wonderful shots of children! All of them. And I want to be a kid again and play in that fountain. :)

  2. This is a great post. Love the two children kissing. Such innocence and tenderness.

  3. Oh, where to begin....this is a delightful post. I love the japanse tot kissing the mother. That truly is a sweet moment. The kittens.........oh so adorable. Seeing that image put the biggest smile on muy face and the last photo is awesome too. I also really liked the school children wearing the packs.

  4. Shinto shrine, honoring babies who died. This touched my heart.

  5. may I borrow this photo of the shrine to write a post for my bereavement blog?

    1. Please feel free to borrow this Ann! Of course. Thanks for asking.

  6. I'll get a sore finger if I scroll through these again! Love the girls with their back packs and the "sweetest moment" kiss. Oh, and the tot in the fountain! Fabulous post.

  7. great photos all. I like the last one a lot. good to see your post.