Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday shoot-out: creepy critters

I am playing with blogger's "dynamic views" options, and started this blog as a sort of experiment. This template is the "Classic" option.  Maybe I can post some photos in different ways when I try some of the other options. FYI, these templates seem a bit "buggy." (No pun intended!!) At the moment I can't add any gadgets, for example. Oh well, who needs a side bar anyway?

It was raining when I noticed this little creature hiding between the boards in the fence. It made me glad to have a raincoat and place to get out of the drizzle, a place that wasn't just a couple of mossy boards.

 But what kind of insect is this? I feel like I should know. Showing the picture to John, I called it a "katydid," no a "cicada",  no a "lacewing," no I know... a "gadfly."  At which point he laughed at me. Sometimes I just can't hide my ignorance.

What is a gadfly anyway? I think it's a real thing, like a horsefly or a deerfly, but it could be a person who bugs you, too, and this what you get if you look it up on Google images.


  1. Sorry guys, about not being able to leave comments. Apparently this is "buggy" too.

  2. Hi Kerry! interesting new site. hope you get the "bugs" worked out!!