Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Shoot-out: signs

My second week in blogger's "Dynamic Views," but my 74th FSO post. I still can't create a sidebar, but the photos are going in okay. Maybe this week you can leave a comment? I know that last week most of you could not.  Thanks to Doreen, who was able to leave a comment on Saturday. And big thanks to Sandy, who visited  "Ed and Reub" earlier to let me know what was going on.   "Dynamic views" is still, definitely, in the developmental stage and I don't recommend it to anybody. One of these weeks I'll use one of its other templates and this blog will look different. And one of these days the whole thing may be worthwhile.


Next Saturday I'm going here for a hair cut. With "Claire," from whom I will get local gossip and an excellent book recommendation.

I have to say that salons are the punniest places out there. I've lived in the East, the Midwest, the South, and now, obviously, the Northwest. There have been beauty shops everywhere that name themselves with puns! Why? I don't know. Banks and grocers certainly don't do this.

A house not far from us has this at their entrance, and I'm envious. They went to some expense for this, but  I wish I'd thought of it first.


  1. I really Love this sign!

    So sorry you are having so much trouble with Dynamic Views. I guess I'll wait a wile before I try to use it. :)

  2. Think I'll give it a miss for a while, too. I'm not long on patience. Love that last sign. Here we call lawyers solicitors and I remember my amusement at the loudspeaker announcements at LA airport advising people not to pay the solicitors. As I owed my lawyer some money at the time, I couldn't wait to get back home to tell him!

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