Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday shoot-out: symmetrical

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.
All photos shot in Corvallis, western Oregon

I walk this path with the dogs several times a week, and always marvel at the symmetry of the crossings.

A sunflower for sale at the farmers' market on Saturday.

This is what a vineyard looks like, just before the vines are planted.

A pine, in the rain.


  1. Love that sunflower seeds best, which happen to be my favorite snack.

  2. Fabulous examples of symmetry! Excellent!

  3. Sunflower seeds are beautiful. They say there is a pattern, but I never counted.

    The pine seeds are nice too.

  4. Nature is a marvelous symmetry creator, and man has patterned and used natures laws of symmetry in so many your photo of the vineyard, and even unintenionally in the shot of the walking path...which is amazing to me. All great shots befitting this theme. Well done, Kerry!

  5. nature's perfect symmetry. wonderful examples Kerry.

  6. These are terrific! They could be used as examples of how it is done using various forms. Love the vineyard shot. And the last one. Oh heck, love them all.

  7. All good choices but the first and the third are my favorites - super shots.