Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday My Town shoot-out: imbalanced

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.
Photos shot in or near Corvallis, western Oregon

 This week's assignment:

Imbalance. Lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things. Shots with strong points of interest on one side of an image and ‘emptiness’ in another area. Misproportioned.

This is a pier on Odell Lake in the Cascades, one of the mountain ranges that runs north-south through  Oregon; it's just east of us and we sometimes go to spend a weekend there.

Salmon from the Columbia River, prepared in the traditional way by being staked near a smokey fire. When my son got married, this is what was for dinner: so good!


  1. I just love the second picture but I would never have been able to guess what it was!!!

  2. I think I like to guess it. I think this are fish meat. ^_^

  3. I've never seen a salmon being smoked before, but love the pictures anyway!

  4. Love that second shot. The salmon looks huge! And really dominates the scene, even with fire there to distract.

  5. Both pictures are amazing. Never seen salmon smoked that way. thanks for sharing.

  6. I like both shots Kerry! the second one is so interesting though. I have never seen that being done before.